About Us

Lost Arts is located in a 32,000 square foot studio, office, and warehouse facility, centrally located within minutes of Downtown Dallas.  We have state of the art equipment and tooling in our studio to accomplish the many and varied forms of art we are commissioned to complete. The company was started in the 70’s by Gary deLarios, its founder and chief operations manager today.  Our group employs a staff of draftsmen, artists, cabinet and furniture makers, woodcarvers, sculptors, metal artisans, welders, machinists and stained glass artisans.  Our clients include commercial and residential architects, builders, interior design firms, and end-users. We work with iron, copper, stone, brass, silver, pewter, bronze, gold, rare woods, mouth blown glass, special finishes, patinas, and a variety of other materials.  Our work has been showcased in award winning houses and buildings across the country, and we have worked with many of the nation’s top architects and decorators.


Our primary goods/services provided are:

Original design including scale renderings
Design consultation and drafting
Hand forged custom architectural hardware.
Welding, soldering, brazing, and French repousse
Custom light fixture fabrication for interior/exterior, utilizing cast bronze, brass, copper, iron, wood, leaded glass, and other materials.
Glasswork, including stained/leaded tiffany style, beveling and etching, mouth blown and fused.
Custom wood furniture, cabinetry and millwork, including expert wood carving.
Decorative ironwork, bronze, railings and balustrades.
Metal casting, including in-house pattern and mold making.


The arts and crafts movement which originated in England in the mid 19th century as an idealistic protest against industrialism returned dignity to the labor of human hands and provided meaningful employment for skilled craftsmen.  Our work philosophy is similar to this ideal, and each commission is an original work of art.


Most of our work goes in or on homes and commercial buildings. The cookie cutter style of most of today’s houses, and the trendy mass-produced quality of the majority of available furnishings we view as a sad state of affairs. As artisans we have chosen the decorative arts as our medium – objects which are intertwined with the daily lives of all who use them.  We seek to make things which are, useful, beautiful and durable.  Our hope is that our creations will become heirlooms, past down to future generations.